El Nido is located in the northernmost tip of Palawan island also called the “Last Frontier”.
Palawan is in Philippines at about 420 kilometers southwest of Manila.
The Bacuit Archipelago area of El Nido, where the Dolarog Beach Resort is located, has been established by the Philippine government as a Marine Reserve.
The El Nido cliffs and limestone caves are estimated to be 250 million years old and are the home to countless swallow’s nests, used in the Chinese cuisine to prepare the famous bird’s nest soup.
The cliffs stand guard over clear waters, with hundreds species of tropical fishes and corals, and some species of endangered sea turtles.
Also the forest around El Nido are host for many species of birds, a large number of which are endemic to Palawan, but also monkey, squirrel, bear-cat and other animals is possible to see.
Beautiful white beaches, lagoons, crystal-clear water, incredible underwater sea-life and steep limestone cliffs are the most attraction for this place.